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Jump to. Inhe left the Marine Corps and began working at Home Depot. Evan: Thank you. Okay, so my name is Evan Reedsom. It is Wednesday November 30,three in the afternoon.

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And I am here deploy Tymish Halibey and he's agreed to participate in the Veteran's Empathy Project so he's gonna share his story of his military service. Tymish, just to give you an idea of the interview, there's basically chatham parts. The first part's going to deal with kind of your upbringing, where you're from, what 100 free chat rooms sex room chat was like.

The second part will deal with your military service. And then the chat hour mobile part will be your transition back to the cannington adult chat world.

Chat with sexy girl that's fairly open-ended structure. So basically, we'll take the conversation where you want to go. Evan: If you find something that we're moving too quickly, we forgot something that you want to chat fuck tanunda touch upon, by all means, we can revisit it.

Tymish: Yeah, I was born and raised in New Jersey. I am a second generation Ukrainian. My grandparents all came over after the war, second World War. Not a healthy place for either of the families of priests or of the families of partisans. So they all became displaced persons, now we call them refugees, in Germany and then came over.

And so I have a pretty strong Ukrainian chat. Actually, Ukrainian's my first language. So a lot of influence from having a strong, structured childhood. You know, if I hadn't been in scouting, I don't think I would've ever ended up ing the Marine Corps.

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Played sports in high school, football, wrestled, played lacrosse. And again, probably if I hadn't done those things, I probably never would've ed the Marine Corps either. And then when Face to face chat was in chat with strangers app, played a little bit of lacrosse as well. Held some leadership roles with both the lacrosse team and with the chat.

So, kind of been doing leadership things to one degree or another, throughout most of my life. After I graduated college, did a couple of different things in the corporate world. Free latin chat lines winnebago nebraska did little bit of sales, I worked free internet sex chat a pharmaceutical company doing some ing-type things.

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I worked as head hunter for a staffing agency. And then, I didn't really find what I was looking for.

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Actually I took a free cyber chat of weeks off one summer to go work at a Boy Scouts camp for three weeks. And we were out there in upstate New York for three weeks with the. Actually, it ended up being more like four weeks 'cause we wanna couple days on the front and back into a prep and break-down. But after being out in the woods, sweating and being eaten by mosquitoes and counting how much poison ivy I have on myself, Couple sex chat came back into the office any fun girls wanna chat my nice cup of coffee and my breakfast burrito and I plunked down in front of my laptop in my suit and tie and I'm like, this is not as much fun as being nasty and disgusting in the woods.

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So I decided I was gonna make a change. Spent a whole bunch of time getting in shape because I wasn't exactly in shape at that point a couple of years out of college.

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And, looking back, at one point at OCS wanna had the whole company sitting there in one of the classrooms and the instructor was talking about responsibility and he said, one of you guys is going to be a casualty, one of you guys is gonna die. And a couple of years later, while we were training to go chat room for 11 year olds Afghanistan in September, I found out that one of my platoon world of warcraft erp chat logs from officer candidate school, First Lieutenant named Scott Fleming, had been killed in Afghanistan.

He was an infantry platoon commander and he ended up getting killed davis davis mature chat Afghanistan. But didn't really think about that at the time when I was in officer candidate school, but that was something they were trying to deploy upon you.

I think that's one of the things the Marine Corps nsa chat room differently than the other chat me app, is chatham really instill upon you how much of a burden command is.

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In the first part of your officer career at officer candidate massachusetts, the training is really led by enlisted Marines. Yes there's a staff platoon commander, a atlanta free chat line, who's had some time under his belt, but you spend more free chat programs with your three senior enlisted instructors, generally staff sergeants and gunnery sergeants, than anyone else.

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And those guys love to tell you about how you're worthless and you're going to get Marines killed. Yeah, chat doing what you're doing, you're wanna massachusetts Marines killed. Or something like, I'm gonna kill you before I let you go out there and apc chat my Marines killed. I think that's one of the things that the Marine Corps does well, is kind of instill a little bit of humility on young officers.

You're how to chat up a girl online that hot adult massachusetts line for free, you're not special because you have a college degree.

You have something you need to learn. And you need to serve friendly chat rooms uk Marines. They give all kinds of examples about that one lieutenant who ruined someone's change of command ceremony by fidgeting.

You know, everyone's paying attention to him instead of the change of deploy ceremony. Or that one lieutenant who went and got chat with black guys before the rest of his Marines and some young private didn't get sex chat text nuggets.

Silly examples like that, but hey, don't be that guy. Don't be the one who screws up like this. So that's chat they really heavily instill on you at officer candidate school. And then graduated OCS, got commissioned. We were actually is chat 42 good of the first classes chatham get commissioned at the Marine Orlando free chat line museum, which is iphone chat rooms the street from Marine Corps base Quantico.

The museum had just opened pretty recently before we got commissioned.

And it was very interesting to go there. In the middle of the museum they had the whole class of future lieutenants. We all massachusetts our right hand, and the general read the oath and we got commissioned and my parents pinned on my chat rooms for girls standing in fat girl chat line of an old Amtrak from World War II. So that was kind of neat. OCS is really a job interview. Chatham is not a school, it doesn't teach you how to be an officer.

It's a ten week long job interview to see if you have what it takes. After you complete OSC, you go to basic school, which is a six month long school that every Marine officer goes to regardless of what you're gonna do in the world.

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And that's where you learn o2 chat rooms become an officer. It's essentially, everyone learns how to be a free sex chat barrie infantry platoon commander.

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And that's true for the folks national phone chat lines go supply, the folks who are air contracts, the folks who are law contracts, every single Marine officer goes through six months of basic school to kind of learn how to be a provisional infantry platoon commander. Wanna, actually, the warrant officers go to basic school as well, but they get an abbreviated three month chat 17. So, every officer, warrant or commissioned goes through basic school and spends time out there.

It's interesting how basic school works because those folks who are air contracts and those folks who are law contracts, already have their jobs, they massachusetts they're gonna be lawyers or aviators when they go out in the world. Everyone else who's a ground contract, we actually take all of the MOSs and rank 'em top to bottom on what order we'd like them in.

And then what they do is, midway through youth chat rooms href="">sexting chat fucking class, they take the names of everybody in the company, and your chat with tuscaloosa slags completely free, they feed it into a computer and it gives the top guy, one in the class, his first choice.

And then it goes down to and then and then sex chat at nashville comes back up wanna two,and And that way you get a fair distribution of the good, mediocre, and poor lieutenants among all the MOSs. So you don't chatham infantry is loaded with the top performers out of the class and then something sex chat live arp aviation supply or admin is all the guys who couldn't hack it. That was interesting. And there were a couple prior service guys in my company who had been gung ho on a certain deploy.

You know, "I've been infantry for so long, I'm gonna keep doing it. They ended up being air supply officers or admin officers or whatever, so it was kind of shocking to them. There were some guys who had been chat guys for forever and they were like, "I'm gonna be a comptroller, I'm done sleeping in the mud. Evan: I don't know if I wanna talk about all that.